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Whether you have found your favourite source of news yet or not, you have probably come across the problem that the right newsletters are not easy to find. Finding the right source of (daily/weekly/monthly/…) news can be tedious and eventually a waste of time.
That’s why we selected must-read newsletters to enhance your inbox and enrich your knowledge & understanding of the venture market, new technologies, latest developments in China & Co.

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The venture market is an ongoing game of change and innovation. This market is not familiar with weekends and public holidays. Every day, readers of the following newsletters are delighted and inspired by exciting news:

China Accelerator / Monthly newsletter presenting the latest venture developments from Asia and gives great as well as inspiring knowledge about the respective market updates. Sign up here.

Deal Street Asia / Daily comprehensive updates on private equity, venture and unicorns from Asia with detailed expertise in company developments and analysis. Sign up here.

KrASIA / “Actionable insights for entrepreneurs” and lots of information on latest tech-trends and Chinese internet giants. This great source of news slides once a week into your inbox and teaches you about venture developments in Asia. Sign up here.

Ping West / Insights into deep tech in Asia and their updates include comprehensive insights to the evolution of digital China. Sign up here.

StrictlyVC / As a daily newsletter with focus on the latest venture news from Silicon Valley and around the world. As a daily morning update this newsletter gives you a comprehensive overview and is at the top of our recommending list. Sign up here.

DBVN (Deutsche Boerse Venture Network) / Essential for decision makers, growth companies and investors and all those interested in the start-up scene. Including weekly updates on market trends, events and interesting case studies. Sign up here.


Of course, the venture market is not the only topic we deal with day by day. Technology is something we are all exposed to and has an ever changing effect on our lives. Stay ahead of your fellow human beings and check out the following must-read tech newsletters:

Pandaily / Everything about China’s innovation. Pandaily’s mission is to deliver premium content with contextual insights on Chinese technology, business, sports and culture to the worldwide community. Updates on a weekly basis. Sign up here.

Caixin / Brand new, free daily briefing from Caixin Global. You will be among a small group of Caixin readers to get pre-launch access to up-to-date, essential information on China, delivered every workday. Sign up here.

TechCrunch / “The Daily Crunch” and other formats of TechCrunch include highly interesting formats, many updates on technological progress and digital innovations. Sign up here.

TechNode / Thoughtful insights on China's ever-changing tech environment. Updates come every Wednesday about deep tech mega trends and latest tech news. Sign up here.


Next to the venture market and technology, one of our greatest interests lies in China. As we are building the bridge of digital entrepreneurship between Europe and China, both markets are absolutely vital for all of us. We have prepared a list of essential newsletters to fill your inbox with knowledge and inspirations from the Middle Kingdom. Here we go:

ChinaBriefs / Do you have the gut feeling that you should follow what is going on in DigitalChina right now, but so far you haven’t found an easy way to do so? ChinaBriefs updates you on current developments of DigitalChina with inspiring background knowledge and explanations for readers outside of China. Sign up here.

China Daily / Daily must-have for anyone who seeks updates about Chinese business and news. It is the largest English portal in China, providing news, business information, BBS and learning materials. Sign up here.

South China Morning Post / Founded in 1903, SCMP is one of the biggest news players in South East Asia with extensive research in tech topics. It is Hong Kong’s newspaper of record, owned by Alibaba Group. The newsletter update includes deep insights and latest news in current developments. Sign up here.

The Wire China / Digital news magazine dedicated to explain up-to-date topics like China’s economic rise, and its influence on global business, finance, trade, labor and the environment. Sign up here.

That’s it for now.

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