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awesome AI Conference in Shanghai - Keynote by AI guru Prof. Dr. Wahlster

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster is the German AI guru and initiated the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, which is one of the world's largest nonprofit research institutes for software technology based on artificial intelligence methods. He is a pioneer of AI in Germany and Europe with a growing standing in China (he actually already has a huge fan club in China).

Since he is well-known for its work in the field of AI and also venture partner at awesome, it was a great opportunity to announce the Sino-European bridge of digital entrepreneurship at the AI conference hosted by neoBay at the Shanghai Jiaotong University. Prof. Dr. Wahlster presented the lasted trends and also future developments of a technology that has acted as the main driver of emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT.

The AI conference was sponsored by Intel and Huawei as premium partners and offered more than 400 startups of the neoBay incubator to exchange ideas and knowledge about deep tech products and services. awesome supported the conference as another premium partner.