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awesome launched its first investment vehicle

On march 30 2020, awesome launched its first investment vehicle: an equity fund with primary focus on German-Chinese technology companies. Together with the Berlin-based wealth management company Hansen & Heinrich AG the awesome future tech opportunities fund builds the bridge to digital China on the stock market. The investment focus of the fund is on companies that have the potential to disrupt industries in a sustainable way and to reshape sub-sectors. On average, at least half of the target portfolio is made up of Chinese technology stocks with international ambitions and equally strong confidence in the location of the Germany.

The investment team of awesome has many years of profound experience in the start-up/venture area and uses this early stage tech knowledge in the selection of investment targets. In addition, awesome as a fund advisor can rely on the experience and capacities of the awesome capital Group in China, and thus making investment decisions at close quarters with sound background knowledge.
The fund is open for institutional and private investors.

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