"We must open the world {...}, we need to act together, rather than alone," said Dr. Angela Merkel during her 12th China visit in September 2019.

We could not agree more.

Cooperation is a decisive factor for global growth and innovation, where we see the emergence of digital China that holds boundless opportunities to be utilized by all of us.

Today, China is the world's second-largest economy and with more than 900 million people connected to the web, it's the world's largest country of internet users.

Last year Fortune's Global 500 showed how profoundly the world's balance of power is shifting. American companies account for 121 of the world's largest corporations by revenue. China counts 129 companies.

China is no longer the copy-cat nation of 2009. The 'sleeping lion', as Napoleon would say, became a leader of development and adaptation of new technologies.

In fact, about 20 percent of internet users in China rely exclusively on mobile payment. No other nation has adapted such technology-driven behaviour so swift.

The lion is wide awake.

We see great potential in connecting Europe, as a center for industrial excellence and innovation, with extensive markets and digital adaptiveness in China. It is our mission to build upon the European know-how and to accelerate it by Chinese speed.


We are dedicated to work with founders as partners. Delivering outstanding returns to grow their business and to connect complementary as well as visionary projects to leverage the Sino-European bridge of digital entrepreneurship.

Various people we talk to ask us how we access the Chinese market and what resources we have at hand. With our on-the-ground awesome team based in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, we draw on years of experience and profound knowledge in the venture capital market, in the field of entrepreneurship as well as in private equity and public markets.

We support visionary founders to adapt and extend their business models and strategies towards the Chinese market by opening the gates and providing peerless access to key stakeholders including business partners, investors and first customers.

That is our venture DNA.


We seek to invest in industry-shaping technologies.

We seek to partner with exceptional founders who cherish their visions.

We seek to run long-term partnerships with mutual inspiration and encouragement.

We believe that companies on the bridge between China and Europe create value for the economy and society. Hence, we are searching for investments in companies that have the ambition to drive innovation around the world.

We are looking for founders that have the ability to execute their vision into a business, are realistic and excited about the challenges of creating a company, and that are as motivated by profits as they are by the impact they look to create.

We operate from early to growth stage investment rounds, seek to partner and support expansion programs up to the chance of running an IPO and accompany direct investment opportunities.

We all agree that early stage business models are required to possess a strategic scope to validate a fit to foreign market requirements, expansion structures and lead partnerships.


We were founded before but shaped by a global crisis in early 2020.

We remain as optimistic as ever.

It's time for you to be part.

We are ready.

Let's talk.

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